Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Habitats for Animals (summative assessment)

Today was a big day at school.
We finished our unit ' Animals Kingdom ' and we were assessing how and what our student learned. We ask our students to choose any animal they like and create a habitat for it.
It was great to see them busy...

making a place for a cat

Within two hours my students came out with LOTS of brilliant ideas...
One student made a home for fish and a jelly fish

Another made a home just for a jelly fish
One girl in my classroom loves birds very much, so she made a home for a bird. She also put some rice into an egg box and she thought that her bird would need some water and she cut apiece of blue fabric to show water.
One boy decided to make a kitten by using play dough and a photo of a real cat.
a habitat for a whale shark
a savana for a giraffe
a home for a dog...

this rabbit has a place to live! And he has a carrot to eat!
Great Job, Starfish!

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