Thursday, April 14, 2011

A field trip

One beautiful autumn morning
we went to a Botanic Park

I drew a map
of that
for my class, so they could be familiar with the
place. I introduced that map one day
before the trip. When we arrived there, we found our location on the map.

When moving up, the students were checking the directions and the right path we needed to follow in order to reach a children's park on the top of the hill, where they could play. On the way to that park, we collected big and small leaves, we rubbed trees, we looked for acorns. Before coming there, I made a checklist with pic
tures of things that can be seen or heard (we were having a science unit 'My senses make me, Me!' at that moment, we were inquiring into senses) in parks in autumn, eg. acorns, yellow leaves, red leaves, birds, a sound of wind... Everyone had a checklist with them, we stopped a few times in the park to listen and to look for things.
At the end of the day we shared everything we had found in the park, and started to sort things.
During the story time that day we read 'Country Mouse and City Mouse'.
It was one of those days I will remember...

field trip checklist

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