Thursday, April 14, 2011

O is for Oldrich

Let me introduce OLDRICH! Oldrich, the owl, is our Class Toy. At the beginning of the year we decided that we were having a class toy. Instead of buying one, I thought that my kids would really appreciate and care more for a toy that they could create themselves...
I asked my kids what kind of toy they would love to have...some of them wanted a cat, some of them mentioned a starfish, but one of the students offered an owl. When I asked him why, he said, 'Owls are smart! We are coming to school to learn and to be smart!' After that comment the whole class of 18 children made up their minds... it must be the owl! We read stories about owls and read some info books in order to understand owls more.
Next day I brought fabric, buttons and we designed our owl together... We started to look for a name... and found Oldrich.
We made a nest, a journal( a diary) and a bag for Oldrich. Now, everyday Oldrich goes home with one of the students. The children are asked to keep a record of things they do with Oldrich together at home in that diary. Next day Oldrich is back to class and the diary is shared.

One day when one of the students dropped Oldrich, the other students said,
'Be careful! Oldrich might have some eggs inside!'
'He can't! He is a boy!'
'We don't know if he is a boy or a girl!'
They came to me to ask this questions... I did not know what to answer at that very moment...
But I had an idea of making little eggs and little olwets at the end of the year for my students, so they could have a piece of Oldrich with them when they move to kindergarten.

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