Saturday, April 2, 2011

Science Day

This week we had a Science Day in our school. My kids in Pre-K enjoyed it very much... They felt very special and called themselves 'scientists'.
We broke the day into several sections.
We started the day with a volcano experiment.
After the recess time, we continued the day with 'Oobleck book' by Dr. Seuss. On that day the weather was very cloudy and it promised to rain... After reading the book, one of my students look outside and asked 'Do you think it will oobleck today?'
I have 18 students and usually I put them into four working groups. Myself and my teaching partner lead two groups, plus we have two groups of kids who work independently.

My group was making Oobleck,

my partner's group was having a Balloon experiment (What will be in a balloon stretched over the neck of the bottle when you mix baking soda and vinegar in the bottle?),
one independent center worked on mixing colors,
the last group was discovering static electricity with balloons.

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