Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time to say goodbye to Oldrich, the class toy...

At the beginning of the year I asked my students what kind of toy we could make together...I explained that this would be a Very Special Toy that cloud not be found anywhere... And we would take care of her, every day one student would take this Very Special Toy home to play with...The students brainstormed that it could be a fish, a doll or a bird... We stopped on the bird... what kind of bird?... One of the students said, ''it can be an owl, they are smart!'' We read books about owls and learned lots of interesting facts about it. Everyone in the class, including myself, liked this idea!
We made OLDRICH!

Now, when time came to say goodbye... I started to think how the students might miss Oldrich... I wanted them to remember Oldrich, the Pre-K and their teachers.I decided to sew little owlets... this idea came to me when in spring we saw a nest outside.... I heard a conversation between of my students that day...
S1: 'Do you think Oldrich will have babies?'
S2:'Oldrich is a boy, he can't have any babies?'
As a result, Oldrich had babies... 18 beautiful owlets...
On the last day of school I went to the playground before the recess time and hid my little owlets among the branches of trees, under bushes, among flowers...
When we went outside, my kids started to play in the park as usual... when after 5 minutes... I saw one of the student was running towards me with ...'Ms.Alona, Ms.ALONA.... I think Oldrich had babies.... I saw a little owl on a tree!!!'

So, you can imagine.... Everyone was SO excited!!!
Some of the students were upset at the beginning because they thought that there would not be enough owlets for everyone... I liked how they all helped each other to find one.

Everyone was So happy at the end. The students named their babies.
Everyone left the Pre-K with a little Oldrich.

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