Saturday, August 20, 2011

Classroom Display

Classroom Displays

Classroom displays can offer a first-time visitor to your classroom some immediate insights into the kinds of activities in which the children are engaged. The materials you place on walls, shelves or bulletin boards provide evidence of children’s work as well as the range of learning experiences offered. To ensure that the displays continue to attract children’s attention and contribute to their learning, you should develop a plan for systematically changing the displays.

In order to have an effective displays do not forget to label your displays and give a short description. The students love to be in charge, so you can brainstorm and decide on a name/label for your display together with your children.

‘Three kinds of displays are needed in print-rich classrooms: displays that are the result of teacher modeling of writing for different purposes, displays that reflect the materials used in reading aloud to children, and displays of children’s writing. The most effective displays are those produced by you and your children rather than those obtained commercially.’ … an extract from a book ‘Transforming Literacy Practices in Preschool’ by Lea M.McGee

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