Thursday, December 22, 2011


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A Wreath + Snowflakes

Another Project:  a wreath
Material: paper plates, wrapping paper

 PLUS glittery snowflakes

Snow Paint

We made snow paint with my girls. 
When it dries, it's this soft spongy art project. 
To make your snow paint, com­bine equal parts white glue & shav­ing cream!

 Add some glitter...

A very long winter story

After reading stories about winter all these days, my daughter decided to make her own winter story... a long story...

 I helped her with a playground :)
 She put all her friends into a story including her teacher...

 A girl with very long hair is my daughter... She thinks she is Rapunzel...
                                I forgot to take a picture... but I wrote the whole story that she had told on this roll.
Achievement and FUN!

White Board in my classroom

Love using the white board...
 I write on the board everyday: greetings, the date, the day, the objective of the day, the question of the day, the absentees, the jobs, the schedule, new words etc.

 Now my kids started to add their messages ...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Open Air Museum

Transportation Unit: Miscallanious (rockets/ hot air balloons/ truck)

Transportation Unit:
Miscallanious (rockets/hot air balloons/truck)
My students were designing rockets...

One boy made a hot air balloon

We painted big boxes to make a truck

I stapled transparent hard film on the back side of an easel. 
My kids enjoyed drawing vehicles with colored board markers.

Transportation Unit: Vehicles in Air

Transportation Unit:
Vehicles in Air

I was surprise that many of my kids knew quite a lot about planes and other airways vehicles.
I asked them to design a vehicle that can fly.

Some of them made them with sticks.

 Some ... with blocks.

Transportation Unit: What rolls the best?

Transportation Unit: 
What rolls the best?
 We collected guesses...
 I think pictures will tell you more...