Saturday, September 24, 2011


My little daughter has started a pre-school and her group is named after a tree: juniper. We went outside with her to find this tree, we picked a few branches and its little cones. WE made the tree at home with paper. 

First Letter of My Name

After learning her name's first letter, my little daughter started to enjoy using different materials to make it. 
 This time she is using an arty sticky tape...

A Happy Book!

We talked about things that make us happy. I put all pictures of students together to make a book with a cover that you can see below... I used CD rom because you can your own reflection when you look at it and SMILE! A happy book!

The Rainbow Fish

After reading  'the rainbow fish' this week, we dramatize the story in the class. I was the rainbow fish, the most beautiful fish in the whole ocean with 19 sparkly scales ( I have 18 students)

 This is my 'little blue fish' This girl was all in blue that day, what a coincidence!
 I shared all my beautiful sparkly scales ... My children were all happy!

Dressing up Trees

We dressed up our trees outside in a playground...

Autumn Adventure

Autumn is coming... We made autumn trees this week by using toilet paper roll-ons and colored paper.

We put all trees together to make it look like an autumn park. I gave my students little toys and cars. It became an adventure!


Statues: We made statues using different materials we could find in our classroom, things like macaronis, straws, pieces of net and sticks

Play dough helped us to make sticks stay