Friday, April 20, 2012

Sensory Walk

We created a road to walk with bare feet.
The students were asked to tell what they feel when step onto something. We wrote words they say.

Spider Web

We made a Spider Web by using black yarn. I started this game by saying, "I like ice-cream! How about you?" I threw the yarn roll to a student and asked what he liked the best...
This activity can be used for different purposes. 
It can be a good activity for the  beginning of the year when students learn their names.
And as the result, students enjoy the sider web that they create.

After we finish to share the things we like the best, we chose one student to be a fly and one student to be a spider. The fly needs to go under the spider web and should NOT touch the web... If it touches the web, the spider will come to catch the fly.

Board Game

We made a Board Game for our class. 

poster paper
a die
toilet rolls
a photo of a child
I explained the idea of the board game and asked my students whether they want to create a board game for the class. My little people became very excited and decided to draw a kingdom with a castle where a beautiful princess lives, a dragon in a forest, a whale in the ocean
 Here how it looks like:)

 toilet rolls were used in order to make personal puppets that kids can use to walk through the game...
Happy Playing!

Sharing the Planet Part2: Planting

'P' art project: Pasta, Pipe cleaners, Puffy Paint, Pom-Poms

Sharing the Planet!

We watched a video about birds, 
but it was a very sad clip. 
When my little people were watching the clip, I was watching my little people... 
 First, there was silence... 
Then they started to speak and think aloud... 
"birds are dead?", " why?"..."who killed them?"..."plastic lids?"..."why?"...."there is no food?".... "it is  an island, there is no one!"...."where birds found lids?"..." I know... I saw people throwing trash to the sea when I traveled with my family"..."I saw trash on the playground."...
That was that moment! 
When this girl said that she saw people throwing trash to the sea, the looks of my little people have been changed... 
"Can we help birds?" asked one of the boys...
"No, they are far ... on an island!" said another...
"BUT birds fly everywhere!"

One of the boys said, 'Remember, we were collecting trash outside in our park?  Let's go and pick up trash outside again!' Everybody loved the idea. 
We collected two full bags of litter. 

The day was lived not in vain!