Friday, June 22, 2012

Being on Stage

Playback with Karaoke!!! FUN!

Wooden Pegs PLAY

No words needed :)

End of Year Show, Animal Boogie 2012

This year our end of year show was coincided with a trans disciplinary unit "Animal Kingdom". In our unit we inquired about different type of animals (farm/pets/wild/underwater) and their environments. For the show we decided to show our knowledge through an integrated art performance. We have four Pre-K classes in my grade level and each class chose different type of animals to perform about. My class had WIDE animals. For our drama and dance class we were working on Animal Boogie Song which  my students liked very much. After we made up our minds about choosing this song for the end of year show (I really enjoy voting with my little people in order to make fair decisions),  my little people started to worry how they would look like these wide animals. I asked them to draw costumes they would love to wear. We discussed which materials we might use and were available.The class took an active part in creating costumes for their animals; leopards patterned yellow t-shirts with black dots by using textile marker and they enjoyed making tails by filling ladies stockings with newspaper), birds made beautiful wings by cutting and sticking triangles, elephants were busy making ears and body parts (one child was so worried that no one would understand that he was an elephant, so he asked me to help him writing "I am an elephant" on the front part of the costume), snakes used fabric available in the classroom and one boy decided to be a cobra, so he chose black t-shirt and a piece of black fabric to cover his head), monkeys used yarn to make themselves look hairy, bears chose brown paper to make bodies and little ears. My students were super busy and they enjoyed the process! They were even more happy when I said that they could take their self-made costumes home:)
Have a great summer!

waiting for their turn

a monkey+a bear= WILD!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Portfolios in my Pre-K Class

My students did a great job during this year! I was so proud to see some of my 4 y.o reading and writing. All of them are problem solvers and they are eager to learn. Have a great summer!

I used this checklist to make picks of my students' work during the year. 

Portfolio Checklist Timeline -

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Color Bubbles Art

All you need: craft glue, paint, water and dish detergent. 
Mix them all up and start bubbling with a straw:)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Father's Day

We had a wonderful afternoon with our Daddies. We celebrated a Father's Day one week earlier this year.

 Daddies and Children made their handprints. Children painted hands of their Daddies. And Daddies painted their children's hands.

 This looks very creative!

 After washing hands, we had Disco with our Daddies outside in the park!  
We played music of times when our daddies were young..

We love you Daddies!