Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Symbols

One of our units is about expressing ourselves. Symbols are part of the inquiry.
I asked my kids to crate a symbol for Winter.... Here what we came up with:)

     a   snowman                                                             a snowflake

             snowfight                                                                snowflakes

                                                          a christmas tree

It is not FAIR!


What a wonderful book!
Life can't always go the way we want it to. But with this delightful and witty book, Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld reassure us that everyone, including pigs, planets, and square pegs, sometimes thinks: It's not fair!

My little friends voiced their problems by using thinking clouds technique that is used in the book.

1. My friend has blue eye glasses, but I don't....

2. My friend and my sister got the bigger half of the cookie, but I don't....

3.Sacha has long blond hair, but I don't....(THIS IS SERIOUS!)
4. My friend uses a different bus to go home :(

5. Why do I use the bus to go home, when some firends are picked by their moms:(
6. I don't have a little brother, it is not FAIR!

7. My dad stays in Vienna, but I don't...
8. My friends have I-PADs, but I don't....

9. I want to go to school everyday, but my parents don't take me to school everyday.... It is not Fair!

10. My sister has "jells" but I don't .... not fair!

This is my favorite!
This Student thought longer than others and could not come up with anything :) 
This is a dialogue between him (S1) and his friend (S2):

S1.There is nothing that is not fair!
S.2 Why are so sad on your picture?
S1: I want something that is not fair!

First Snow