Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reggio Children International Study Group, reflection 1

I always wanted to have my own atelier or a studio where children would create and enjoy the process. I still need to work to make my dream come true:( But I am a lucky woman because
1. I have my own children who love to create;
2. I am a K teacher in a class of 18 children who enjoy the process!

3. I meet and work in a wonderful team with dedicated, inspired and enthusiastic teachers!

For the last three years I have been reading articles about Loris Malaguzzi and saw lots of Reggio inspired web-sites on Pinterest. It made me wonder about the approach, that was how I found out about Reggio Children International Study Group and applied...
This spring in April 13-20, I was lucky to join 399 people from 39 countries in order to meet with a big team of pedagogistas, atelieristas, teachers and a beautiful community including a mayor of Reggio Emilia:) It was a full week of WOW and AHA moments in my professional life!
If you want to join this Study Group, go to and apply for the year of 2014.
The First Day: That was my first oversea PD trip alone. It felt so excited about the topic of the study, so I did note really worried about being alone (I usually prefer to travel with a friend and/or my family).
I noticed one thing, I am not sure if it is true for you or not, but  if you come to a conference or workshop alone, you usually make some friends, but if you come with a group of colleagues, you kind of missing opportunity to meet others.
to be continued...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I used to think...

One of our parents was invited to talk about his job for our unit of inquiry "Community Helpers". He is "a doctor of hearts", a cardiologist! 
Before he came I asked my kids to draw a heart... and they made this...

 After the doc's presentation, I asked how a heart looked like and ....they made this
 I used to think                                                 Now I know.....

O is for OWLs

 finger paints were used


After outside play some of my kids came back  with twigs they had found on the playground. Can we use them? Why not?!
HEre what we came up with:

2D Shapes and Paul Klee

In our Kindergarten grade level team we have a year long unit "Express Yourself". We are inquiring into different ways of expressing ourselves through the arts, symbols and culture. We want our little inquirers to make their feelings and memories to be involved in everything they create. 
While we are currently working on 2D shapes, I thought that Paul Klee could be a good example to be inspired.
I found a video link on YouTube about Paul Klee, after we watched it together with kids I asked what made all this picture looked alike. My kids said that Paul Klee did not use bright colors, he used lines and shapes. And there was the SUN almost on all Paul Klee's work.
My second question was about feelings. Most of my little friends were happy:) but a few of them were sad when looking at Paul Klee's work:(
Materials we used:
I precut  different 2D shapes  for my little people in order to be used as stencils. 
A3 size of white paper
Black markers
Water color

At first, kids used stencils and black markers to create their images.
 After they painted over the images with water color.
When their masterpieces were dry, we went over the images with a black marker again.

 Most of the girls loved Paul Klee's "Cat and Bird". They were amazed by a heart shape nose:)
 This boy made a heart in the middle and you know... he is loved by all friends, families and the whole community... I think he feels the LOVE!

 It is one of my favorite because this girl made 2 houses that look like a cat. Amazing!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Symbols

One of our units is about expressing ourselves. Symbols are part of the inquiry.
I asked my kids to crate a symbol for Winter.... Here what we came up with:)

     a   snowman                                                             a snowflake

             snowfight                                                                snowflakes

                                                          a christmas tree